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Report as fake, scam, phishing website:


Ebuygold Ltd is only an E-Currency Exchanger, we DO NOT involve in any other business fields. The E-Currency account, bank accounts and west union receivers under Ebuygold Ltd are used, and limited to be used as E-currency exchanging only.

Remember, Ebuygold ltd is only doing E-Currency exchange. We only accept orders placed on our site. If you obtain our bank accounts info or west union receivers info from other sources, be cautious it is FRAUD!


You purchase merchandise online, but the seller requires you make the payment to us.
-- We DO NOT accept payments for third groups. We DO NOT do other business except for E-Currency exchange. If you make the payment to us, and we've already transferred the E-Currency to the scammer, you have to take the full resonsibility by yourself because E-Currency is not reversible.

You do online investments, and are required to make the payment to us.
-- DO NOT believe it. We have no business relations with those online investments companies, Forex companies, HYIP websites,etc. Some scammers cheat consumers on behalf of Ebuygold Ltd with our great reputation.

DO NOT make payments to us unless you know you do purchase E-Currency to your own account.

DO NOT reveal your EBUYGOLD account password to others, in case some one logs into your account and changes your E-Currency account. If you think someone may have your password, change it immediately. Make sure your password is unique and hard to guess. Never use your email address as your password. Change your password regularly.


Know clearly what you are purchasing before you make the payment to us, do remember we only deal with E-Currency exchange.

Do place the order by yourself first, and make the payment to us later.

Do make the payment to the receiver or bank accounts listed under your order details.

Always purchase E-Currency to your own account.

Some scammers use invalid chat id to cheat our customers by our name. To avoid the scam action, now we state our correct chat id as following:

MSN[email protected]Ebuygold.com Support
ICQ660008949Ebuygold Admin

Don't trust them and be careful about this invalid chat id!

If you found any sources used or using our bank accounts or west union receivers, or if you think you have been a victim of fraud, please contact us immediately.

You are not authorized. Please login here to place order. After place the order we will send you our receiver's details and instruction through email. Or register if you are not a registered user.

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