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1.How to register an EBG account?

1)Click the "Register" button and complete the register form, especially for all the fields marked with *. Valid and accurate information will be essential. Furthermore, personal details must be true,which is important for us to trade with clients.

2)Once completing register,a registration confirmation email will be sent,what you need to do is to active your account with an activation confirmation email.

2.How to add my account details?

After succeed in register,you are recommended to access your account as following:

1)log in first.
2)Click "ACCOUNTS "button
3)Fill in the account detail form carefully.

**Remark:All the account statement must be true.

3. How to fund/credit my e-currency account?

1)log in first
2)Click "Buy e-currency "
3)Fill out "Buy e-currency " form completely before clicking "Proceed" button.
4)If clicking "Proceed", a preview mode include all the detail information you need will appear. Our system will send your an email with the detailed informations.
5)Then,Click "Confirm" button, otherwise Click "Edit" button.
6)Reserve your order number or click "Current Order" button to track your order status. (can be omited)
7)After finish remittance, update your order status .

** Remark: Amount you sent to us will be equal to Amount request.

4.How to withdraw money from my e-currency account?

1)log in first
2)Click "Sell e-currency "
3)Fill out "Sell e-currency " form completely before clicking "Proceed" button.
4)If clicking "Proceed", a preview mode include all the detail information you need will appear.Our system will send your an email with the detailed informations.
5)Then,Click "Confirm" button, otherwise Click "Edit" button.
6)Reserve your order number and click "Pay now" button to send E-currency to us. Or you can send the E-currency to us latter, please see the email instruction.
7)After finish sending, update your order status .

** Remark: Amount you sent to us will be equal to Amount Required.

5.How to update my order status?

1)If finish sending money,login our website and click the "CURRENT ORDERS" .
2)Click the ''Update'' button beside the order that you placed on the system.
3)Enter exact amount you sent to us and submitting West Union 10 digit MTCN or E-currency Batch Number or just put exact amount you sent to us(buy via bank wire).
4)Click the ''Confirm'' button.
Now,the order status will be renews soon.

**Remark:the updated order is convenient for us to track your order quickly.

6.What kind of information should be Emailed after finish sending money via west union?(buy E-currency with us)

1)Order NO.
2)West Union 10 digit MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number).
3)Sender First name,Last name.
4)City,Country that sender live in.
5)Receiver Name.
6)Amount sent by customer.
7)MESSAGE TO THE BENEFICIARY, please see email for details

7.What kind of payment methods do you support?

At present, we only support West Union and bank wire payment.

8.Why the system keeps warning that the amount is too small when customer place order?

1)Unsupport payment method
2)Unsupport exchange
3)The amount is less than minimum order amount

9.When will you finish my order?

All the orders will be finished within 1 business day after receive the money.If the order place outside the working time, will be processed on the next business day. By the way, Our Bank will not work on weekend.

10.If there are any instructions of how to use the ebuygold.org system?

Yes, you can find out the demo here:Flash Demo

11.Do you accept PayPal, StormPay, Moneybookers or PIC Pay?

Due to fraud risks and high charges we do not accept PayPal or Moneybookers. We do not trade with StormPay or PICPay either.

12.Why must I input my E-currency account details? And other details?

We request you to add your account name and account number to double check we are spending your gold or money to the right account! We ask for other details in order to verify who you are. We may decide to contact you, verifying your order.

13.How can i renew my password?

1)Click the login button.
2)Find the "Forgotten Password" below the "submit" and click it.
3)Answer the correlative question.Yet,if you have not set the requested question,it is impossible for you to change your password.
4)Given hint "Check your e-mail to specify new password."

14.Why is important for me to renew my order status?

Considering the convenience and speediness of complete the order in time,we recommend our customer to renew their order state,which will be advantageous for us to find the updated order and finish them quickly.

15.I just signed up but I can't log in.What's wrong?

Please check your account whether has been confirmed and active .To complete registration you will need to verify your email address by clicking a special link send to you in original welcome email. You will then log in your account.

16.What should i do before buy or sell E-currency ?

1.log in first,besides,if you have not register,please register at the first time.
2.After login please click "ACCOUNT" button and add your E-currency account information, Beneficiary Bank Information ,West Union receiver Information.
3.Please check all information carefully , make sure they are correct and click "Save" button.
4.Place an order (by clicking Buy or Sell button) .

17.How long will it take to get my e-currency?

Upon receipt of your fund on our account, we execute the order within 1 business day.

(i)Bank wire transfer:
1 - 3 business days (generally)
4 - 7 business days (sometimes)

(ii)West Union:

18.Can I cancel an order?

You can delete your order unless it has already been executed. Executed orders are not reversible (simply because it is impossible to do).

19.Why i cannot receive the activation E-mail?

Once you have completed and submitted the form you will receive a confirmation email within 2 minute! What you need to do is to active your account when you received. It will be sent to your email address to verify your membership registration.
If you didn't receive the confirmation and activate email please verify several possibility:
1) Email address register error
2) Some email address easy to lost receiving email .We recommend use yahoo, hotmail, some big email address.
3) Email system error result in losing your registered email
4) Some email system will put our email into Junk Mails folder
if you still can not receive the email, please register again membership form with a new email address.

20.How can I get a special offer from you?

You can find out the special offer here:Special Offer

21.How to verify my EBUYGOLD account?

To get verified, please sign, scan and send us the following documents to verify your EBG account (Please send the documents to [email protected]):
a. Your ID card, Passport or Driver License.
b. Utility bill: such as bank statement, electricity bill, water bill, etc. that shows your street address and name (Must match with your registered information). Mobile phone bills are not acceptable.

We will not give your details to anyone for any reason. Your personal info is 100% safe here.

22.Bank wire transfer fees(Important)

There is no incoming fee for our bank account, but when making a bank wire, there are three options for bank charges, share, ours, and beneficiary's.(Sha)means the sender pay local charges, and the beneficiary pays overseas charges.(Bene) means the receiver pays all fees and "ours" means the sender pays for all fees. We advise you choose "Ours", so that we can receive exact amount you send. Depending on how a bank wire is routed, payments from some countries or banks may attract additional fees charged by intermediary banks. Even though our bank does not charge incoming fees, the correspondent bank fees may be deducted before the amount is received, and we are not responsible for the fees charged by the intermediary bank.

23.What is an intermediary bank?
A transaction, such as a payment, needs to go from my bank A to your bank C. But Bank A has no direct relationship with Bank C. If both have relationships with bank B, then it can be used as an intermediary to get the deal done. The payment would go from A to B to C. In some cases of international payments there may be more than one intermediary.

24.What if I have a question that isn't listed here?

Most of the of the questions we receive are listed and answered on this page. If you have thoroughly reviewed the information presented here, and still have a question, then Contact Us.

Question: 25. What is the difference between verified EBG account and unverified?
Answer: According to our company rules, if customers have sent his personal document to get verified in advance, then it will take shorter time for his order to be finished. If you are not verified and dealing with us for the first time, then we have to verify your registered details after the order pending and it will take time to delay your order.

Question: 26.When My order can be done?
Answer: For the WU order:EBG will process the order within 24 hours when got the payment except sunday or some publish holiday at EBG site.

Refer the Bankwire order,EBG will process the verify account order within 1 business day.

Question: 27.Can I Know EBG WU agent working schedule
Answer: According to our country WU agent working time,here is our WU agent working schedule for your easy reference:

Working Schedule: (GMT+8)

Monday-Friday: 10AM-3:30PM
Saturday: 10AM-3:00PM
Sunday: Holiday

Notice: Some Public holiday,we will announce at our site case by case.

All the order place outsite WU agent working time,it should be processed on next first working days.

Question: Will EBG request us send money online without place order
Answer: EBG will not request our customer send payment to us without place order at EBG site.Please make sure you send the payment only after place order at EBG.

Please be cautious about online fraud.

You are not authorized. Please login here to place order. After place the order we will send you our receiver's details and instruction through email. Or register if you are not a registered user.

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